Slevy aplikací a her pro iPad, iPhone a iPod Touch
Cardiograph ClassicTikalThe Mystery of the Crystal Portal HD (Full)Le Havre (The Harbor)Easy Spending - Money tracker, Budget PlannerAge of RivalsBridge to Another World: The Others HD - A Hidden Object Adventure (Full)Adam Wolfe: Dark Detective Mystery Game (Full)The Mystery of the Crystal Portal (Full)Bridge to Another World: The Others - A Hidden Object Adventure (Full)

Dogfight EliteGet 'EmChimeras: The Signs of Prophecy - A Hidden Object Adventure (Full)Adam Wolfe: Dark Detective Mystery Game (Full)Vantage CalendarJessica's Cupcake Café HD (Full)The AbandonedJessica's Cupcake Café (Full)

The Long SiegeKing Cashing 2Goat SimulatorGoat Simulator MMO SimulatorGoat Simulator Waste of SpaceGoat Simulator GoatZGoat Simulator PAYDAY

Super PowerboyAirTycoon Online 2Big PhotoBattleship Lonewolf - Space TDDungeonismFog of WorldTempest: Pirate Action RPGMAX VR.Head of StateSudoku SweeperCesium Music Player

Demon's Rise 2: Lords of ChaosSeveredTapsThe Blocking DeadSKRWTTo The EndAbductedIce Age Hunter ProCrowISLANDS: Non-PlacesThe Lost Lands: Dinosaur HunterHome Behind

Fighting Fantasy LegendsKings and Magic: Heroes DuelPhoto Scanner for MeCapo touch

Ship TycoonBackgammon HD - Play the Online Board Game!SUBURBIA City Building Board GameOTTTD: Over The Top Tower DefenseMind Snares: Alice's Journey HD (Full)

AstråOddworld: Munch's OddyseeOddworld: Stranger's WrathOXENFREEOsmos for iPad

Vendetta OnlineDigits, the calculator for humansNeo AngleConstruction Simulator 2Color AccentFuture LudoHaunted Hotel II: Believe the Lies HD (Full)Divine RightFlight Unlimited Las Vegas - Flight SimulatorRaven

Battleship Lonewolf - Space TDHoPiKoAlto's AdventureRoomScan ProkubiceXtra Voice Recorder - Record, Add Notes & PhotosGalaxy BulletHell: Space intrudersInfinity Dungeon EvolutionImmortal Love: Letter From The Past Collector's Edition - A Magical Hidden Object Game (Full)

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